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Piotr looks amazing in this shoot, his body looks perfect and stunning face.

Piotr Info NAME: PIOTR KOPERTOWSKI Date of Birth: 11/10/1986 HEIGHT: 6 ‘1 (184 cm) WEIGHT: […] I know that my day finally come with this Exclusive Interview with male model Piotr Kopertowski, this has been a tough day but I’ll bring this Exclusive only for you guys, now’s time to get to know this sexy hunk which I consider so much lucky to get this […] Once again we celebrate the great career Piotr Kopertowski.

Photo Journal TOKYOThe selection of galleries, bookstores and photography spots in Tokyo to visit.

The Rise of Cute The quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture, “Kawaii” is also adopted in term of photography?

The handsome boy from Poland, appears on the cover of Beautiful Mag, with a cover story and a sexy and unique session with photographer Dylan Rosser. And visit and like facebook fan […] Sexyfied by photographer Michael Bosshard, ( hunk male model Piotr Kopertowski share with us this exclusive and hottest shot where we can appreciate his male perfect form in sexy and hot poses that only Piotr can do for us. via: https:// Visit: male model rise star and now as a new photographer Piotr Kopertowski is now posing hot as hell a session captured by photographer Joe Mc Cormick which is a great duo we definetely want to see again and again.

credits: Model Piotr Kopertowski website: Joe Mc Cormick […] From Paul Lemberth Studio presents hunk male model Piotr Kopertowski in this sexy and hot session call it “Black Silk”.

blame me for being cultivated, Berlin 2017 We are billions of people who all look, think and feel differently. A good reason to show that and to say it loud: Don’t blame me for being an individual! Showing all Sides XI, Selb 2015 100 Years Philip Rosenthal Anniversary. A series of photographs for the award winning book edition designed by Milch Honig Designkultur to present the Rosenthal Porcelain anniversary collection.

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The magazine also includes a special feature on Nobuyoshi Araki consisting of selections from his photobooks and a dialogue with photographer Alec Soth.

Other highlights include Yusuke Nishimura’s ‘The Folk’, wherein the elaborately costumed realm of Japanese folk entertainment is explored, and the rise of cute in “kawaii” Main Feature: A New Chapter of Japanese Photography The feature showcases Japanese upcoming talents who win international acclaims such as Daisuke Yokota and his followers and explores each context behind its images.

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